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PhD with Creative Writing Concentration

For details on the consequences of falling out of good standing, see “Falling Out of Good Standing,” in General Department Policies and Best Practices. Many colleges cannot afford to hire someone to teach only creative writing; the PhD is strong evidence that the writer can also teach literature courses and that he or she can take a full and active part in the academic community.

Many students choose to pursue a complimentary graduate certificate concurrent with the Ph.D. degree. The Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences offers graduate certificate programs in Gender Studies, Visual Studies, East Asian Studies, and Visual Anthropology, among others. We perform fresh, innovative, world-leading research across literature, writing and linguistics, with our undergraduate creative writing courses ranked in the… Choose an advisor to supervise you through the doctoral examination process.

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The PhD program is a highly specialized program designed to develop a capacity for research, original thought, and writing and to equip students for careers in the teaching of English at the college or university level and in writing, editing, and publishing. Although there are benefits for students who simply want to take courses at the undergraduate level, it is sustained practice and discipline in craft that leads to the development of habits, skills, and reflexes that are necessary to create successful literary art. The Ph.D. in English phd creative writing with a Creative Writing emphasis is conceived of as an opportunity to specialize for individuals whose relationship to their craft is lifelong. This means honoring the individual goals and aesthetics of the student writer, and enabling them to succeed on their terms. The modular MFA is the only MFA program in the nation that allows students to create courses of study that would capitalize on these three distinct areas, to use the historical, aesthetic and cultural knowledge gained from these subjects in their own creative writing.

How many writers make a living?

It's estimated that fewer than 1000 fiction writers in North America make a living from their writing.

Professors should avoid the appearance of favoritism that may occur if they bring treats to some student exams but not others. To demonstrate comprehension of a genre, a student should possess sufficient depth and breadth of knowledge, both primary and secondary, of the genre to explain its formal characteristics and account for its historical development.

PhD in Literature & Creative Writing

It is recommended for students to have completed reading the bulk of texts on their lists before writing the ROL. Doctoral students must take their doctoral examination within three semesters of the end of the semester in which they took their final required course. If a student has an Incomplete, the timeline is not postponed until the Incomplete is resolved.

Graduates concentrating in Creative Writing who opt for academic positions are qualified to teach in several areas of literature in addition to creative writing. Graduates who choose careers outside of the academy will have experience managing a classroom while teaching and designing their own courses. The English Department’s Thursday Night Reading Series features weekly readings of original poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, and experimental works from UL graduate students and faculty. Watch the video to see our graduate students share their work andvisit the TNRS Facebook page to learn more. The Scholarly Research Component of the creative-writing dissertation is a separate section of the dissertation than the creative work. It involves substantial research and is written in the style of academic prose. It should be pages and should cite at least 20 sources, some of which should be primary texts, and many of which should be from the peer-reviewed secondary literature.

Application Information

To fulfill the language requirement using Old English, students must successfully complete ENGL 710 and ENGL 712 . Presenting 16 hours, four semesters, or the equivalent of undergraduate credit, earned with an average of C or better. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the University of Denver is keeping students, faculty, staff, alumni and neighbors fully informed through ourCOVID-19 websiteand dashboard. 6 hours of Elective Courses, each contributing to the student’s area of expertise. Students should select each of these courses in consultation with his/her faculty mentors. Students must demonstrate reading knowledge of two foreign languages or intensive knowledge of one foreign language.

phd creative writing

1st-year advisors can assist with selecting classes for the Spring semester, solidifying and articulating a field of specialization, advice about publishing, conferences, professionalization issues, phd creative writing etc. Clear/flexible vision of the creative work produced in relation to those literary traditions. Students cannot bring snacks, drinks, treats, or gifts for committee members to the exam.

Research opportunities in the Department of English and Related Literature

Reviews of Literature need to be approved and signed by the committee at least 3 weeks prior to the exam date. No further changes to lists or Reviews of Literature will be allowed after official approval. The three-week deadline is the faculty deadline–the last date for them to confirm receipt of the ROLs and confer approval–not necessarily the student deadline for submitting the documents to the faculty. Please keep that timing in mind and allow your committee adequate time to review the materials and provide feedback. Teaching opportunities in creative writing workshops and literature courses as part of the Graduate Teaching Assistant Professional Development Sequence. Below is a list of possible approved courses regularly offered at the university in each of the three modules that modular MFA students might take.

phd creative writing

In addition to poetry and fiction, we offer workshops and literature courses in areas such as nonfiction, travel writing, oral literature and narratology. USC CREATIVE WRITING FACULTY include recipients of Guggenheim Dissertation Help Provider Fellowships, the National Book Award, National Endowment for the Arts grants, Pushcart Prizes, and other prestigious recognitions for their exemplary writing and dedication to their creative and scholarly work.

The University of Tennessee

The objective is to prepare students to teach creative writing at the graduate and undergraduate level and literature courses at the undergraduate level. The C.W.C. program considers applicants who have completed an accredited M.F.A. program. In addition to the general Ph.D requirements, doctoral students in creative writing must take two literary history seminars in their period of specialization and one literary history seminar in a period other than their period of specialization. They must also take three creative writing workshops in their genre and one creative writing workshop outside their genre. In preparation for the creative writing dissertation, they take a graduate elective, which can be a course outside the department or a fifth workshop.

Should I major in creative writing or English?

Those who choose to study English will be focused more on the study of existing literature. They will learn to analyze, interpret, and understand a variety of different types of writings. Those who choose to pursue a Creative Writing degree will be focused more on the generation of new literature.

Writer and Composer is a unique graduate-level class offered by the University of Southern California’s Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences by David St. John and faculty of the Thornton School of Music. It provides an opportunity for structured collaboration among poets, composers and singers for the purpose of creating intricate and thought-provoking new work. The MPhil/PhD in Creative Writing is for writers who want to embark on a course of sustained study and research… The inter-relationship between theory, scholarship and the creative process is key to the Goldsmiths MPhil/PhD Creative Writing.

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If the candidate abandons the entire dissertation project for another, a new RDP will be taken. The Department of English in partnership with the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute and the Black Mountain Institute Ph.D. Fellows program offers a three-year course of studies leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy with a Creative Dissertation.

phd creative writing

With its dual emphases in literature and creative writing, the English program offers students a uniquely hybrid experience in which emerging writers and critics study alongside one another and work with specialists in both fields, preparing students for creative, academic, and professional careers. UIC’s PhD is suitably academic and scholarly, blending thorough studies in critical theory and literature with in-depth immersion in the writing of fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction. In that time students prepare themselves to work as professors with 3 or 4 solid individually designed teaching areas. In the same time, students also become skilled and imaginative college composition instructors, and have opportunities to broaden expertise in this area if desired. PhD students in the Program for Writers also teach beginning creative writing courses in their genre, and may teach introductory literature courses as well. The Ph.D. in English with Creative Writing Concentration (C.W.C.) is designed to prepare creative writers who have completed a creative writing M.F.A. to teach university-level literature and writing classes. The program provides an academically rigorous set of requirements designed to expand students’ knowledge of both a literary-historical field and some of the theoretical and aesthetic questions relevant to their own creative work and teaching interests.

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